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  • SebM79
    2016-05-08 22:27:37

    My first gps locator. I am surprised of all the features of this unit. Ability to pair multiple phone numbers. Many settings such as turn off the LED indicators, switch to silent monitoring, this gives the impression that the device is switched off, but he works. Push for two seconds the SOS button, and you receive a text message indicating the geographic position and a few seconds later the phone rings which allows the person in distress to talk to you (using the microphone on the side of the unit).

  • 2016-10-16 12:02:59

    Wszystko w porządku. Male zgrabne gówienko i do tego działa :)

  • Zhukov
    2016-08-26 14:06:58

    In the sky we are gods - no one on earth. Fly with me ZMR250

  • 2016-11-07 07:00:55

    good quality, quick delivery

  • 2014-09-02 17:17:50

    I bought this tracker for my phantom just in case of a flyaway. It works really well and I'm satisfied with it. What is not written in the manuel: You will get the gps-coordinates, the full address and a gps123.org-Link in "goon#"-Mode (=upload is activated) and you will geht only gps-coordinates and a google maps-link in "goff"-Mode (upload is deactivated). For the gps123.org site you need an imei number that is valid for about one year and can be extended (about 10$). - Weight is really 27g. - It

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  • 2015-01-14 00:13:49

    Трекер заказывал еще осенью. GPS в нем присутствует, дома на окне спутники ловит, правда не очень уверенно. На открытом воздухе нормально, в лесу спутников не находит - нужно выходить на открытую поляну. В режиме #goff работает нормально, не перезагружается, как было с более старыми

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  • 2015-01-12 21:29:14

    You can access all data in real time on site http://www.gps123.org/, the site is in chinese, but you can click in the British flag to change to english . You can download a app to Android too and see the log tracking or find actual location. I bought this to track a bag or a car in case of theft. There are a good review in http://blog.sam-thompson.info/rf-v16-gps-tracker-guide/

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  • 2014-07-18 03:13:37

    As I'm flying FPV it happens, that the plane or quad copter gets lost close or far away in some fields. So it will be hard to find or lost 4ever. I've tested the unit and it's working perfect. Just give him a call and you receive the link with GPS coordinates. the accuracy I found was /- 3m. Even 10-20m will be enough to find it. So, if you flying more than 100m distance you should get one of these. Michael

  • 2016-09-14 08:19:48

    To make it work: 1) buy a sim card with a voice, SMS and data plan (microsim format, same as iphone4 or samsung galaxy s2) and insert it. 2) send a SMS to this SIM number in order define the MASTER phone (which is called: sos1). Let's say your master phone has the following number: 349333123499. Then SMS to be sent will have the following text: 123456,sos1,349333123499# 3) FROM NOW ON, ALL COMMANDS WILL BE SET THROUGH SMS SENT BY THE MASTER PHONE (sos1). 4) Define the APN. Sometimes it's automatically

  • 2016-07-31 06:44:34

    GPS is light and accurate. My problem is with charging the battery. The charger that came with the product seems to be broken. I have charged with it 10+ hours but battery percent is not more than before. Also the GPS unit should play a song when charging starts but it doesnt with the power supply that came in the box. Its seems to be working with another power supply and usb chord. But the one that came with product has a LED telling the user when its done charging. Could you Banggood please send


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