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lernfaehig 05/02/2022
I really hope I received a faulty unit but I don't think so. generally the product looks good and also the AC output works fine. My problem with the unit is that it's not possible to charge it from solar. Contrary to the manual that states to use a 18V solar panel for"best performance" the unit will not charge at all at such low voltages. after quite some testing with different solar panels and a lab bench power supply I can confirm that the unit will only charge when the input is higher than the current voltage of the battery. As the nominal voltage of the battery is 22.4V and the charge voltage is 27V this means you'd need a solar panel with such high voltage. On the other hand the manual states a maximum VOC of 28V (30 in another place). Unfortunately unless I received a faulty unit is impossible to charge this unit from solar at least without the use of an external charge controller that can supply a steady 27V. Just to confirm, yes, I did use the Anderson connection specified for solar charging and the unit does charge fine from the supplied wall charger. it also charges fine from the Anderson port when supplied with a high enough voltage from the lab bench power supply. I really hope Banggood can provide a good solution for me as otherwise this seems like a really good product.
Comentários (2)
  • BG121221150 That'ssurprising, I'm using a 180W 18V solar panel to recharge mine and it worked perfectly to recharge it 100% a dozen of times so far.

    Resposta 10/02/2022
  • BG375755023 Bestcomment on this product so far. I have came across the same issue and have been dealing with this for months, I have changed two different Brebner solar panel 200W 18V, but none of them worked even if they reached around 20 V when sunny. I was purposely avoiding the high voltage ones and funnily enough those are actually more popular. My question to you is: do you think is there any risk in me using a higher voltage 31.8V Max with 200W with Anderson for this battery? I double down on your advise to Banggood, they would have much more success with a very clear guide on this. They advertise all these batteries as solar charging batteries, but when I ask what solar panel work for it they just tell me the folding ones, which are much more expensive and can't be used in a normal solar grid.

    Resposta 27/07/2022
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