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TedCooper 13/06/2022
WARNING: the instructions indicate that the panels can put out 12v DC to your battery bank or power convertor. This is a TOTAL LIE. the coaxial connector puts out the 19-22 volts DC that comes directly from the panels. So if you connect a device that is a battery charger which has a limit of 13.5 volts DC (typical of most battery chargers) you will burn out the device.......this is what happened to me. Panels burned out a $200 DC charger for car and airplane LiPo batteries. So YOU MUST use a voltage regulator if you will hook any device to panels that cannot accept up to 23 volts DC in an initial startup pulse. You can find a 300W regulator on both Amazon and Banggood that will work fine. Aside from that problem, the panels work very well and do yield 150watts output in noon day sun in California. The USB connectors do output regulated voltages. I was amazed that even after sunset I was able to get roughly 30 watts into a battery vault. Let us hope the panels have a long life. tjcooper
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  • BG404816143 Denungeregelten Ausgang muss man am eine Batterie mit eingebautem Mppt oder PWm Regler anschliessen. Zum Beispiel Ecoflow oder XMund, die können das.

    Resposta 25/11/2022
  • Teotiltil whenever you use Solar panels you need a solar PWM or MPPT charge controller because the Solar output is not steady. And preferably you connect to a battery first after solar controller and then you give to a charger. Battery act as energy absorption

    Resposta 29/11/2022
  • BG232152375 Hello! You kind of human being is very rare! Appreciate... May the creator bless you and give you health! Thank you for all infos! I feel sad about your loss... We should not believe what we read... That's why i always see first the grades of a device, via a device that meteris and calculate the el. Output inputs... I had a smaller accident similar...

    Resposta 09/12/2022
  • j3ffr3y duh

    Resposta 28/12/2022
  • BG142438253 sorryabout your loss, but buying cheap chinese accesories are always a risk. I'm not saying they are all bad, but you should take extra measures to test them before pluging them in to your expensive stuff.

    Resposta 24/03/2023
  • Rogério Figueiredo Haha next time you measure 😂😂😂

    Resposta 05/06/2023
  • Patrick you always, always need to use a solar controller. only about $25

    Resposta 12/06/2023
  • justinbey83 Or you can use a xt60 to usb-c wire and connect directly into the usb-c port. No need for stepping down device.

    Resposta 22/06/2023
  • gjakal I have the solar panel KROAK SP-06 200W 19.8V. i want to charge the unit (Power Station 156000mAh (577Wh) 220V 50Hz) with it. Can I plug it in directly or will it burn the unit? should I insert a charge controller in between?

    Resposta 20/07/2023
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