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VirginiaJim 22/07/2021
I have owned this 5.8g 48ch 4.3 inch LCD 480x272 16:19 NTSC/PAL FPV Monitor for several weeks now, and I have constructed a bracket to enable attachment of this monitor to the antenna of a number of 2.4ghz toy grade transmitters like the one pictured in the photograph. Overall, I am very happy with the design of this economical little FPV monitor, but I have found its images to be overexposed. Isn't there a way to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the display to provide a more balanced and pleasing image brightness? I am willing to open up the back of the unit, to access the circuit board for initial setup configuration if this is possible.
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  • zoobs did you post the bracket stl on Thingiverse jQuery111306993805839849245_1655654243081? cheers Zoobs

    Resposta 19/06/2022
  • VirginiaJim Sorry, my attachment did not come from my original design, or from thingiverse.
    I removed it from a clamp from a quadcopter designed to attach small screens to a quadcopter I have looked for, but cannot find in my shop or on old orders.
    It has been a fairly secure way to attach this monitor/Vrx to the Jumper T-Lite and other transmitters via the Tx antenna.

    Resposta 03/07/2022
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