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  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    Worked great for level shifting 5V to 3,3V for the ESP8266

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00


  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    Boas pequenas coisas para ter à mão se misturar componentes 5V e 3V3.

  • April-07 2020 00:00:00


  • October-03 2015 00:00:00

    Before buying this conversion module, I always had level conversion problems. In the case of a lot of modules the module itself operates from 3.3V, in it is made useable in 5V environment simply by adding a 3.3 V voltage regulators, but nothing is done with the logic signal levels. Using resistors for level conversion usually works, but not reliable, and if something doesn't work, it is not easy to find out what causes the problem. This tiny module is an easy and cheap solution for this.

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  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    This little I2C (or any mono- or bi-directional 2-wire bus) level converter works just fine. There is nothing in the description that indicates that there is an on-board LDO 3v3 regulator. This is handy if you need it (to supply the 'B' voltage). Not so handy if you don't know it's there and apply 3v3 to the "BVCC" pin whilst applying 5v to "AVCC". Probably not a crisis, but you would be shorting two power supplies together. A close look at the photos in the listing show the presence of the 5-terminal device in addition to the pair of MOSFETS.

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    Although this claims to be an I2C level conversion module, it should more correctly be called a "Generic Bidirectional Level Conversion Module". Its a very simple module, converting your logic signals between two logic levels, set by the voltage applied to the board, almost any low voltage will work. I converted between 2.2V and 5V without problems. Great to gest your circuits before designing the real hardware.

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    This little board makes life a lot easier. When you're working with sensors and other peripherals, you often find that they are either 5V or 3.3V. This usually isn't an issue when you're using an MCU that operates at the same voltage. But ever so often, you find a part that isn't the same voltage as your MCU. That's when a tiny board like this becomes a life-saver. An effective and cheap solution to make different parts with different voltages compatible with each other. It's easy and simple to use, and definitely worth its price!

  • December-31 1969 18:00:00

    This module is necessary when you have a fantastic Arduino Due platform which is working as I2C master and you want to communicate with several I2C slaves that normally they work at 5V. Arduino Due works at 3.3V such as all of the powerful microcontroller , in this case ARM processor.So , using this module you can be relaxed and use 3.3V voltage for I2C from Due and 5V for the other devices .That's a good solution and cheaper .Just to sold 8 pins , 1 minute to work .Consiglio di avere questo modulo per poter interfacciare Due con diversi moduli I2C che lavorano a 5V .Compratelo !

  • July-02 2017 00:00:00

    This is a easy option If you want to add a HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth Module to an Arduino Nano, Uno, or Mega The HC-05 uses 3.3v levels & will run very hot with 5v from the arduinos TX, so it must be reduced to 3.3v to protect it. You can make a "voltage divider" using two resistors but with the recent rise of very low quality resistors flooding the market I decided to to try a logic module & was so impressed I ordered more! I reccomened this single channel type for smaller projects, use one for each I2C device, dont use multi channel versions.


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