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  • 30/08/2016

    for a long I was looking for a handy, easy to store as I intended to use it 3x a year, oscilloscope for assorted close to DC measurements (i.e. up to 10MHz). The best of if it'd be a USB device so that I can use a PC/laptop screen. I've came across this lovely box. I've came across only this lovely box == not much choice :-). I was afraid of the W10 64b compatibility, the GUI and general functionality. Today I can see that there is no problem at all. It's true that to install the windows driver I need to go through some Chinese installation menu using my feeling (I do not claim there is not an english version, only that I was not so luckly to started it from the english end). All passed well. No issue with W10 Professional 64bits. The GUI is very simple no fancy stuff, no frills, it's just sufficent to control what needs to be controlled. I did not care so much about the accuracy as my technical feelings gave me a good feedback that it works just fine. The built quality is just amazing. I can not believe it. After 1 month of every day usage I can say: recommended. No issue for this price tag.

  • 15/01/2016

    He analizado un circuito inversor en un primer contacto con este osciloscopio y me ha sido muy útil. En contra he observado que ante el impulso electromagnético que genera mi fuente de alimentación al arrancar,este hace que se cuelgue el osciloscopio, incluso desconectado y tengo que reconectar el USB y reiniciar; lo cual no me agrada nada. Eso por el momento.

  • 08/12/2017

    This scope is good because it dimension and price. It work very well.

  • 21/05/2017

    Very good and easy to use osciloscope!!

  • 20/12/2017

    It works very well. Small size. 2 probes with 1x - 10x switch.

  • 30/08/2020

    equipamento muito útil

  • 21/07/2017

    First of all, I think it's an excellent value at $80. I would get one again. That said, I'll now list the weaknesses. The triggering is poor. It's hard to get a waveform positioned exactly right on the screen. There is no AC coupling. DC only. The scope is NOT isolated from USB ground, which on a computer is typically connected to the ground on the wall plug. You cannot connect the ground clip of a probe to (say) line voltage to take a reading. You'll need to either use an isolation transformer, or a laptop running on batteries (not plugged in) to do this sort of thing without blowing something up. There is no mention in the specs, but it seems that actual input voltage to the scope is limited to 5 volts. This is not surprising, since the USB voltage is 5 volts. So if you use the included 10:1 probe to measure something that is (say) 75 volts, it will read as 50 volts. If you want to measure between 50 to 500 volts, you need a 100:1 probe, not included. There trace buffer is deep, but the only way to scroll is to drag one screen at a time. This is a software issue, possibly they will add a scroll bar in some future version. There is no equivalent of a "delayed sweep" like on HP scopes, that can magnify a particular portion of a trace. You can stop a trace and magnify the data, but may have to drag through hundreds to screens to get to the part you want. The software only works on Windows XP and later. It does not load on Windows 2000. If you have Windows 7 or later, you need to go to the Hantek site to get drivers that are not on the included CD. There is OpenHantek software that runs on linux, but it does not support the 6022BE at this time (2013). Do not expect any support from the manufacturer. Their site is very sparse with English help. And some positive surprises: The two included probes are switchable between 1:1 and 10:1, and decent. I thought the 20 MHz was marketing hype, and was prepared for a 2 MHz scope, but was actually able to observe ringing at about 20 MHz. It's surprisingly easy to export the screen as either a bitmap file, or comma separated value data file

  • 21/04/2015

    As expected. Good quality of all the items, cables, etc. Packed in original box which protects all things. Have no chance to test all the modes, but my brief "smoke test" shows that it works. (Ive connected both channels to square gen output and it showed me what I expected - almost perfect square with 1kHz and 2V) I only missed original CD or something with software, but it was easy for me to found it in internet. Thanks for fast delivery.

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  • 20/08/2014

    I got this unit which offers you great capabilities for a very fair price. Probes are included as is the software. At http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/hantek-6022be-20mhz-usb-dso this unit is widely discussed and even an improved version of the software is available for download (called "Open6022BE"). Also hardware mod's are suggested there. All in all a usefull piece of equipment and good value for money. You might also check my blog at http://keptenkurk.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/hantek-6022be-oscilloscope/

  • 31/10/2015

    I work with high end oscilloscopes at work, and wanted a scope at home for troubleshooting audio devices and some DIY projects. Hantec 6022 is perfect for this job. The device comes with 2 x1/x10 probes As the max input voltage of the device is 5v, and high power audio amps deliver more than 50V, I will need to buy an extra x100 probe to be able to do measurements on the amps at full power.


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