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  • March-20 2020 13:43:10

    Товар соответствует описанию. На момент покупки самая выгодная цена. Спасибо продавцу за упаковку трубка счетчика пришла не разбита (самое главное в этом устройстве). Качество пайки не на высшем уровне (видимо на плату попали капли припоя - возможно это частный случай, к счастью

  • May-16 2020 19:23:21

    Excelente produto, por um preço fantástico. Vem montado e trás alguns acessórios. Tem muito boa sensibilidade. Testei em salas de radiologia e de medicina nuclear. Vou tentar liga-lo ao arduino para poder visualizar as ionizações detetadas pela câmara. Recomendo. Fica aqui o link do video para quem quiser ver: https://youtu.be/ZXEYaT3F70w

  • February-27 2020 10:57:51

    En primer pedido el dispositivo llegó roto y me lo reenviaron. En esta segunda ocasión, el dispositivo llegó casi entero, funcionando, pero con el plástico protector roto... como esta parte no era funcional, no me preocupaba tanto. El empaquetado es muy deficiente, lo que provoca roturas de distintos elementos. Con respecto al funcionamiento, funciona, aunque no es demasiado representativo. En mi caso, he montado un proyecto que encontré en internet, siguiendo el cual, se conectó el detector

  • December-19 2020 03:44:18

    The Geiger counter arrived after two weeks in UK with the tube safely packed in a piece of plastic pipe. The PCB can accommodate tubes of 2 lengths. Unfortunately the shipped tube is shorter than the smallest position and it is not firmly hold in position. What I did was de-solder one holder, drill another hole in the PCB and then re-solder the holder. This has shortened the gap with 8mm and now to tube is hold properly in place. I've purchased a thorium gas lantern mantle (from old stock) and verified

    Comentários (1)
  • December-12 2020 09:26:38

    Very Interesting kit, able to measure beta and gamma radiation, depending on the tube you have. the one include can do both Good documentation and code exemples availble on a drive to guide you. (see product description) Seems like you can mount a varaity of tubes and tune the input voltage as well.

  • February-29 2020 06:12:22

    The build quality is far from the product photos. No sockets for the IC's, soldering temperature way to low for the lead free solder. There is a J305βγ labeled GM-tube but this one is 85mm long where the J305βγ should be 107mm long (according to the SJ 20164-1992 standard). If this tube is not what it claims to be, calibration is impossible. For the price it is a descent gadget, it works although it needs a little rework on the soldering to be reliable.

  • June-19 2020 15:41:47

    Hooked this up to an ESP32 using the Pulse pin and wrote a very simple counter / dosimeter program for it. Really impressed, accuracy seems spot on also.

  • November-10 2019 12:13:34

    Cheaper geiger counter This is a good geiger counter at cheaper price, perfect to connect with a ESP or arduino module to make a portable radioactivity meter. The board show the particle detected via a buzzer a red led and via TTL pulse output. The module can be connected to battery pack (primary or NI-Mh cell) or directly powered from an Arduino or ESP module via 5V pin. Useful to continuos meter the enviromental radioactivity. A good Geiger counter +++

    Comentários (2)
  • November-09 2019 17:22:54

    Go unlucky and received a unit from a lower quality batch. No support for the ICs, missing resistor meaning the power LED does not work, badly connected resistor, and even an inductance mounted SMD style because the leads were cut too short. The solder joints have not been heated enough and the solder did not penetrate in the vias. The board is pretty dirty (flux and solder residues that could short tracks). Otherwise, the device works and is quite cheap. It comes with a lot of accessories which is

  • February-13 2018 13:46:31

    Az eszköz maga jó konstrukció. Amit leír, egyenlőre jól működik, kivéve a a ledet ami villog, amikor érzékel. Sajnos az nem működik. Felvettem a kapcsolatot az ügyfélszolgálattal és hamar megoldásra találtunk. A terméket tekintve egyszerű, nem drága kivitel, jól átláthatóak rajta az alkatrészek. Jól működik elemekkel és USB-ről is, a hozzá kapott alkatrészekkel elégedett vagyok.


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