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dsharkey1 2019-10-29 23:34:20
I have received the 4 cameras as ordered. However, in trying to learn how to set it up I have experienced a road block when I down loaded the app. I can not progress unless I sign up for the app which I don’t want to get involved with the cloud organisation. It is my intention to use my own private storage system. is there some way I can review the app without committing myself to compulsory employing the cloud service? regards Dennis Sharkey
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  • PoppyAnn Whatapp does it need? I have 5 cameras on a local hard disk recording system and the app for remote viewing does not cost anything but you have to sign up so your video has a password to prevent others from accessing your video stream and I bet yours is the same type of system if you don't sign up then anyone can view your system.

    Resposta 2019-11-24 03:19:18
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