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  • 07/11/2016

    This is the second clock kit I have bought. The first worked perfectly first time, but I am an electronic engineer of over 35 years. This is NOT a hobbyists or amateurs kit in any way, unless you are very brave!. Do not purchase unless you are very well practised at soldering SMD (surface mount devices) These chips were designed for machine manufacturing processes, they were not designed for assembly by hand soldering. All assembly must take place under a strong magnifying glass with a very small soldering iron. I use one the size of a pen. The iron cannot be held on any components for long as damage will occur. It is a challenge to make, but the end result is worth it. I made it in a couple of hours. It is straight forward to anyone experienced, but I have all the instructions and the schematics, so if anyone needs any advice, please contact me. Only buy if you are VERY experienced and very competent at soldering, it is very tricky! The kit is great value and the end result is great to watch, and keeps excellent time, and it has been well thought out. The instructions supplied leave a bit to be desired, but generally straight forward.

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  • 10/04/2019

    Un orologio decisamente originale. Nonostante fosse la mia prima esperienza con gli SMD sono riuscito ad assemblarlo senza grosse difficoltà, le saldature non saranno venute benissimo...però funziona. Molto carenti le istruzioni, pubblico delle foto dettagliate che magari possono aiutare. Comunque consigliato,secondo me, anche ai principianti.

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  • 23/02/2016

    Очень необычные часы )) Смотрятся просто превосходно - отличное украшение интерьера. Сборка доставила огромное удовольствие! Плата и детали высокого качества. При первом включении сразу было заметно, что цвета отображаются не правильно - белый цвет был с явно фиолетовым оттенком, а жёлтый и вовсе был салатным. За яркость светодиодов отвечают резисторы R1 (красный), R2 (зелёный) и R3 (синий). Все резисторы имеют одинаковое сопротивление в 120 Ом, что в принципе не правильно для RGB светодиода, так как для каждого цвета нужен разный ток. Опытным путём подобрал сопротивления для R1 - 56 Ом, R2 - 180 Ом, R3 - 150 Ом (размер резисторов 0805). Теперь цвета отображаются относительно правильно. Точность хода часов хорошая - за 23 дня убежали всего на 5 сек. Температуру показывают также довольно точно. Часы сигналят каждые пол часа (эта функция легко отключается). Почасовой сигнал длится аж целых три секунды - пропустить новый час невозможно :) С 00:00 ночи до 8:00 утра часы любезно молчат (кроме будильника). Будильник здесь для галочки, так как при пропадании питания настройки будильника сбрасываются. Всем, кто любит попаять - этот конструктор просто необходим. Результат превзошёл все ожидания. Я и мои родные от этих часов в полном восторге!

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  • 22/10/2016

    Excellent and very odd kit. Very nice project and for sure not for beginners because of soldering SMD parts . If you have magnifier, use it! After assembling there left some spare parts. Few resistors, transistor and one LED. One thing, in manual you suggest that colours are based on resistor color code.. This is not true. Even if you shift colours by one you can't use resistor color code knowledge. But this is not problem. Very very NICE kit ! Recommendation!

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  • 22/03/2018

    Just a bundle of components at the moment but looking forward to building and using it. Your surface mount skills have to be good, thoug, as all the components seem to be SMD. Also two IC's that have to be suface mounted.

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  • 06/03/2019

    this was a fun build and very easy to put together. you will enjoy it, it takes a bit to learn what time it is on it, but cool either way.

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  • 31/07/2018

    I have built this simple but Beautiful clock. It is not for beginners as uses smd components. You need to have some experience on soldering smds.

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  • 30/08/2019

    Perfect quality. I’m glad :)

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  • 08/10/2018

    Bu üründen etrafıma yaklaşık 10 adet yaptım.Her zamanki güzel ve özenli

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  • 05/12/2016

    This is my second order of same clock. Extra product!

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