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  • 30/05/2016

    The cameras resolution is 640x480, you can set it to higher in the app but it's meaningless to do so. The focus is better for close shots (as it's intended for, probably) than for a distance because it gets very blurry - as much as I see there is no protection film on the camera window that could be removed to fix the blur. The built-in light is coming back on the image, also it's very blue-ish. The camera is heating up to about 45-50 °C when it's active. Might be okay to have a look at unreachable areas, but don't expect high quality.

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  • 29/01/2018

    Sonda con cavo e cam HD, ho preso quella con lunghezza cavo di 5 metri, Ha sia l'adattatore micro usb per smartphone con funzione OTG, e sia l' USB-A quello standard per collegarlo al PC. Inoltre ha altri adattatori in dotazione (come da foto) La regolazione del led viene fatta a step di 3 scatti dal pulsante sul dispositivo; L'ho testato col PC window 7 e funziona perfettamente nessun problema; L'ho testato con un Asus Zenfone 2 laser con 40% di batteria, quando metto il led al massimo l' APP va in crash, non saprei il perchè, forse colpa del mio tel, anche se l'app consigliata dal manuale istruzioni fa molto pena ogni tanto crasha senza motivo, infatti è meglio scegliere altre app simili.. se nè trovano a decine tipo "OTG cam" e simili. Consiglio? SI, alla fine è abbastanza buona ed economica come sonda.

  • 18/11/2017

    Video quality is good and gadgets are a nice addition. It is working as described. The cable is medium soft, harder cable would be better. Software on the android phone is quite good, some problems with cell phone permissions request. The micro USB plug is ok but type-C connector it's a must now. I received 7mm camera lens like described in the box. Some dubts that the View Angle is exactly 70 degree Overall, value for money is great, evenif

  • 11/01/2017

    Получил быстро с учётом новогодних праздников. Заказал 21.12.16 получил 11.01.17 Работает, но не всё... С PC yf Win7 камера подружилась - работает отлично! Но немного греется. Не работает: LG 410 os Android 5 -> OTG нет Acer 211 os Android 4 -> OTG есть, USB камеры мигает, подсветка горит. Рекомендуемая программа AN97-2.4.apk запускается, но камеры не видит. MSI Primo 76 os Android 4 -> OTG есть, USB камеры мигает, подсветка горит. Рекомендуемая программа AN97-2.4.apk запускается, но камеры не видит. 2-3 фото сделаны камерой при слабом освещении

  • 03/08/2016

    Use standard drivers for Windows PC and any video capture software. Good quality picture, LEDs, tools, waterproof. CameraFi app from Google Play Market doesn't work on Mediatek (can't install AN97-2.4.apk from QR-code too). Black screen with CameraFi on Samsung (probably power issue). Works fine with Xiaomi. 1600x1200 ~ 4 fps.

  • 15/06/2016

    I was very excited to get this item. I had planned to use it to look at PCB and other types of things close up. This would be great to stick down a well or deep hole to see a general idea of what is down there but without a focus adjustment, this device has no superior uses. The mirror fell off the side angle attachment very easily. Support on all platforms I have used it on is not an issue. Works great on all my Android devices and a Windows PC using the linked software. Hope to see a new version with some type of way to adjust focus manually. This device has no type of focus adjustment, it is fixed.

  • 30/04/2016

    The bad: the cable is just a cable, for any job that includes reaching somewhere you can't really reach by hand, you'll need adhesive tape and a pole or malleable rigid wire to reach what you want to see, record or recover. The good: just everything else. The camera is tiny but the quality is decent, the leds are adequate to light the focused range of the camera, the magnet is strong enough to pick a small keychain with two or three keys, you don't need any drivers for Windows nor Android, in Windows you don't even need software, any program that lets you see a webcam just works. In android you can take photos and videos. The resolution is 0.3Mpx = 640x480 (both in still photos and video), and the depht of field is between 35mm and 70mm (look at the examples on my review photos) You can also see a test video I have taken from this url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cye8d-AnKzw

  • 08/12/2017

    merhaba kısa sürede geldi.teşekkür ederim banggood..2016/12/06 tarihinde aldım.gayet güzel çalışıyor.bilgisayarda denedim.internetten programını indirdim.( http://ypc.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/AN99.rar ? )burayı tıklayın.AN99 Zip dosyasını açın, "ViewPlayCap" tıklayın ve PC'ye setup.exe dosyasını yükleyin.usb den giriş yapın masa üstüne gelen ViewPlayCap kısayolunu tıklayarak açın.devices den usb video aygıtını tıklarsak.kamera çalışmaya başlıyor.snapshop tan çözünürlüğü ayarlanabiliyor...foto çekebiliyor.bunun için foto maki.simgesine basmanız yeterli oluyor... erol sazak

  • 30/10/2017

    Tiene imagen hd, le instalé la app camera FI y por aora ba bien, trae accesorios para recuperar cosas que se caigan de las tuberias, y graba en hd, se ve bastante bien, pongo un video de youtube en el que se ve mi tuberia de la bañera rota goteando.y fotos de mi perra Maya para ver la calidad de las fotos. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=O-pbniDdu5U

  • 30/09/2017

    After receiving endoscope inspection camera I connected it and check. Firstly I tried to connected it tp my PC computer to USB type A plug. The picture was good and lighting working as it should be. After that I used micro USB plug to connect camera to my smartfon. I downloaded the camera aplication and runed it. The picture quality and lighting worked good. So I thing that for this price this camera is good. Thanks Banggood !!


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