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  • 14/08/2016

    The Antimatter is an excellent charger that is based (identical to) the iCharger 106B+ and runs the same V 3.14 firmware. My charger arrived with perfect voltage and current calibration, which many chargers in this price range do not. It also has a wealth of features that are not present in any other chargers in this price class. Here are a few: Individual cell voltage calibration – As mentioned above, this feature allows the end-user to make fine adjustments to individual cell voltage calibration to ensure that your batteries are achieving full charge and are perfectly balanced upon charge completion. Regenerative discharge – Allows the charger to discharge at much higher power as is uses a large source battery (Pb, LiFe, Lipoly) as a load. Basically, the charger is working in reverse and transferring energy what is normally the output to the input voltage source. This results in much faster discharging and also produces far less heat internal to the charger. User-selectable termination voltage for LiXX chemistry – Allows the end-user to adjust termination voltage above or below the standard voltage to achieve full charge on older batteries by slightly increasing voltage, or to increase the number of useful cycles by lowering termination voltage. Internal resistance measurement – Measures individual cell internal resistance for lithium chemistry packs. This is an important feature and one that I use very frequently to monitor the health of my packs and to spot bad packs/cells before I commit them to an expensive model. Note: Some of the generic 4-button chargers now include this feature but many folks have reported that they’re poorly calibrated. User-selectable balance phase adjustment – Adjust time at which the balance circuitry becomes active during the charge cycle. Can be set to Always, CV phase, or Storage to permit the most efficient charge times based upon needs. Charge lead voltage drop compensation – With the balance lead connected, the charger will remain in CC (constant current) mode until the highest cell reaches 4.20 volts (when charging lipoly), and then switch to CV (constant voltage) mode. Conversely, generic 4-button chargers will switch to CV mode when the main output is 4.20 volts X cell count. This can shorten charge times quite dramatically, especially when charging at higher currents. To me, this feature is critical in any charger and I am challenged to recommend any charger that lacks it. Electric motor drive – Convenient break-in for brushed electric motors. Foam cut mode – Charger can be used as a power supply for a hot wire cutter. I highly recommend this charger.

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  • 11/08/2016

    My Full Review is in my blog here: http://rc-aeromodeller.blogspot.com/2016/08/charsoon-antimatter-charger.html My first impression is that the unit is well put together and is similar in form-factor to other units we've seen in the field. However there is a long list of features listed in the manual mainly promising easy of use and security I liked * Price is very affordable, especially for a beginner. * English manual written in good English. * Can be configure to charge HV LIPO * Built in balance board. Keeps things compact. * Automatic selection of LIPO cell count depending on which balance port is being used. * Fine-tuning of many parameters. For example you can control the minimum voltage to discharge a LIPO battery. As well many other parameters. * Ready to use charge cables provided for different kinds of connectors. I didn't like * By Default the volume for the key beeper is too loud for indoor use. One of the first things I did was to mute the key beeper. * Connecting the charger to a 12V battery using the alligator clips will produce a spark. Hopefully the electronics inside the charger will protect the charger from the sudden voltage surge. * Input voltage is limited to a maximum of 18V which means I cannot use a 24V heavy duty power supply I normally use on my other charger. * Selecting one of the 10 memory is a bit cumbersome and error prone. You must change the charger mode to "PROGRAM SELECT/Save Settings" or "PROGRAM SELECT/Load Settings" and then select the memory location you intend to save-to or load-from. A small card will have to kept as a reminder of what is saved on each memory location. Other chargers show battery settings associated with each memory location so you don't have to remember that save location 07 contains the settings to charge a 3S 2100mAh LIPO. * Saving saves a "battery set" which to me means that it will save the settings for charging a LIPO battery a PB battery a NiCD battery... all in one memory location. This is different from other chargers where a saved location is associated with one specific battery.

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  • 22/10/2017

    It's a really nice charger, I'm using it with LiPOs and gives information on each cell, measures the LiPOs internal resistance, lots of options. Quality sturdy case, the overall feel is nice, the interface is ok, 4 button menu, takes a bit of time to get to some options, but most of the time I only use one option anyway so for day to day it's fine and the fact that it does all the rest really adds to the value. Only two downsides I found so far: 1. One the charger has two possible power inputs, one is a jack with a max of 6 Amps, the second one has two banana leads which again is usefull to plug to a more powerful power source. The problem is that you can't remove the banana leads and if you use the plug I measured and there's voltage on those, so it's really easy to short those banana leads when using the plug. If you use the plug I advise putting some tape over the banana leads. 2. The individual cell readings are nice, but I had a bad battery on delivery from another store and I needed a photo proof of the cells voltage, in my case one of the cells was disconnected, so 0v for that cell, and the charger freaks out, just displays balancing error. Took quite a few tries and had to switch to LiPO monitoring and sometimes you can get the cells reading, but it seems random, most of the times it just freaks out sends you back to the menu without display the cells voltage. The second problem might be solved by a firmware update, the first problem doesn't affect me because I am using the banana leads, but took a star from quality just for the bad design leaving those banana leads hot when using the jack. All in all I'm happy with this purchase.

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  • 18/12/2016

    It has a lot of useful features. Charger additionally working with LogView. Mast to cut the shield instead of the ground wire in micro USB standard cable! USB Driver for windows is updated, and this is the link: http://www.jun-si.com/UploadFiles/USB_driver.rar   Charger support the "Open Format" data of the "logview" software and can display, plot and analyze the charge and discharge data by it. (See detail information about logview in the following website: http://www.logview.info) In LogView mast be set iCharger 106B+ device.

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  • 06/02/2017

    The charger is very fast, very precise out of the box. Comes with a great number of additional accessories. It's a rebrand of the iCharger 160B+ so you will get a very great quality charger at half the price.

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  • 10/10/2016

    Зарядник пришел очень быстро! Качество сборки очень хорошее. Доволен полностью. Конечно во всех режимах еще его не использовал так-как жду батареи и адаптеры. Но с свинцовыми батареями на 12 вольт, и с Ni-MH справился на ура. Единственное что не понравилось (может еще не разобрался), нет функции восстановления с заданной емкостью, как например реализовано в MAHA MH-C900. Кстати логирование через LogView работает на ура! Нужно только скачать драйвера и ПО от iCharger 106B+ и естественно его-же выбрать в приложении. Прилагаю в доказательство скриншот. В общем я всем доволен, а там дальше будет видно.

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  • 26/09/2016

    This is the best charger you can buy in that price range! All specifications are identical to iCharger 106B+ It has huge charge capacity and automatic cooling system. It also has some unique features that you cannot find on generic 4 button chargers. I would definitely recommend it.

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  • 08/12/2016

    Excelent quality, user friendly, familiar and sample software from I max The most important plugs is inside ( XT60, T-connector, JST & Dupont ) Many features Internal cooling propeller compact size and etc. Cons- No AC/DC 6A power adapter in kit and body is little heavy from the aluminium

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  • 18/07/2017

    Awesome charger for that price. I use with 12v led power supply and paralel board. I recommend for every drone pilot

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  • 21/04/2017

    Good charger. Fast shipping. Can measure internal resistance. We can go to service menu we see charger calibration on individual cells. In this what i bought calibration was great. I recommend.

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