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mikelopez 2020-09-07 04:10:23
I have to start with some negative points. This unit was first listed at a ridiculous 4200W, but later reduced to a claim of 500W. This is still overstated. The kinetic energy in the wind at the rated speed of 11 m/s is 521 watts, but the laws of physics (e.g. Betz law) limit this to 309 watts recoverable, even if we use an "ideal" machine. A more practical estimate would be 200W at 11 m/s. The global average wind speed is about 7.4 MPH (11.84 KPH), that is about 3.3 m/s. Power varies with the cube of the wind speed, so a good estimate for an average installation would be around 6 watts. Given the foregoing, why did I buy this? My main goal is to develop a smart charger for wind power and this unit will allow me to experiment with various ideas. Also, I have a good exposed site with average speed of around 6 m/s which should mean about 30 watts average. Personally, I'd be happy to get 25W. It's sad to see such overblown claims for products since it means I won't trust ANYTHING the supplier claims. Having said all that, the unit seems reasonably well engineered and I look forward to experimenting with it.
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  • Rainer Power in wind is 800W/m^2. Area is 0,2 m2 (left side-Wing) >>> theor. 160 W at 11 m/s >>> 30% efficiency>>>50 W

    Resposta 2020-09-21 04:05:56
  • Totalguy Useful information thank you. i want to get something liek this and make my own battery its a long way off yet but this is good to know its ok for experiments but not exactly useful for full time use.

    Resposta 2020-09-30 06:38:05
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