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ZilogZ80 05/08/2022
It's a pretty cool device. It's not HEPA, rather it's designed to clean the room of dust, smoke, pollen etc. The air coming out smells very fresh. The filter pops out and then pops apart into 4 pieces, 3 of which you rinse with water (if you're a smoker, you can use a little dish detergent to help clean them). Just rinse, let them dry, reassemble and pop the filter back in. You're good to go for another few months. No filters to. buy. It has 4 settings: Low, Medium, High, and Auto. You tap the power button to change modes, except for Auto, where you have to double-tap the button with the unit off. This is easier said than done. Many times I just wound up in Medium mode. You hold the button down to turn it off. The indicator on top changes color indicating the speed it's operating at. In Auto mode, the power button light pulses slowly. Overall it moves a good amount of air, but it's definitely not the quietest air purifier out there. There is still some motor noise even at the low setting. As for the Auto mode, it's unpredictable. You can turn it on and the unit will be in Low. Blow some smoke at it and it'll take a good minute or more to go faster. Then, annoyingly, it'll rapidly go between high and medium every few seconds, eventually settling down. I find it way too annoying so I don't use Auto mode. The unit charges through a USB C Jack on the back side. It takes a long time to charge. Using a standard 2A adapter it takes about 6 hours. Fortunately, you can use it while it's charging (or run it this way, with the battery serving as backup power) A display on top gives you the percentage of charge and also has a flashing light indicating that it's charging. The display is easy to read if you look straight at it, but if you're glancing at it from a foot away or from the side, you can't see it. On the upside it doesn't cast too much light in a darkened room. Build quality is very good. A manual in Chinese (only) is included. Overall, for what it is, it does its job well. I keep mine in the bathroom and it always smells nice thanks to the filter. Aside from being a little loud, it's a good unit.
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  • ZilogZ80 A quick follow up to my review....I was trying to turn on Auto Speed mode incorrectly. You first press the button to turn the unit on, then double tap again to put it in Auto Speed mode. Maybe I was a little harsh saying it was very loud, not too bad, just not silent. I translated the manual and it says not to use in wet or humid environmen, it may damage the unit. I'm keeping mine in the bathroom, but I shut it off while taking a shower, hopefully that will be ok. I should also mention that for it's size, it does an incredible job of clearing a smoky room quickly. Very happy with this unit.

    Resposta 08/08/2022
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