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Wrongway 2020-10-30 02:14:47
I used this motor and the WPL 2 speed transfer case and it is a great combination. I also used the 30 amp esc for brushed motors. This motor is much higher rpm and probably twice the power of the original. Be aware that this motor doesnt get down to crawling speed quite as well as the original one does but it gives you much higher top speed. This motor is almost as fast in low as the other motor is in high! use a flat strip of metal and cut a groove in it to slip the motor shaft through. let the motor hang beneath the metal strip shown below in the pictures and tap the shaft out of the gear. I use a small finishing nail with the tip blunted to drive out the shaft. Make sure the nail is smaller than 2mm. Just tap the gear back on the new motor, the shafts are the same size.
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